4 Things That You Can Do At Home To Help Fight Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you have probably been working with a dentist for professional gum disease treatment. Although this type of treatment is a necessity if you want to aggressively fight your gum disease, there are things that you can do at home to help as well. Follow these tips, and you can feel good in knowing that you are doing everything that you can to combat this dental issue.

1. Brush with Baking Soda

Consider swapping out your favorite toothpaste for baking soda instead. You can mix your baking soda with water to create a paste, which makes a great abrasive cleaner for your teeth. The main benefit, however, is that baking soda can serve to neutralize the acids that are in your mouth, which can help with your gum disease.

2. Use a Saltwater Rinse

You have probably heard that you can use a saltwater rinse to help combat a sore throat, but you might have never thought about using saltwater to help with gum disease. However, warm, salty water is great for reducing the inflammation in your mouth and killing harmful bacteria that is associated with gum disease.

3. Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Just as hydrogen peroxide can be used on cuts and scrapes to kill bacteria, it can also help kill the bacteria inside of your mouth. By getting rid of as much of this harmful bacteria as possible, you can successfully help fight your gum disease. Simply swish hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth for several seconds without diluting it with water. Just make sure that you spit out all of it to help prevent ingestion, which can make you sick.

4. Eat a Healthier Diet

The food that you eat can help your gum disease thrive. Bacteria thrives off of sugar, so it's best to avoid sugary foods. Instead, drinks lots of water, and focus on consuming healthy fruits and vegetables. This will help your overall health and will improve the health of your mouth, which can make it more able to fight off infection.

As you can see, there are things that you can do on your own to fight gum disease. Although none of these things are a good substitute for seeking appropriate care from a dental professional, they can help you see an improvement more quickly and can make you feel good in knowing that you are doing everything that you can to fight your gum disease.

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