4 Ways To Save Money On Your Dental Implants When You Don’t Have Insurance

Have you been told by your dentist that you're in need of dental implants? Perhaps you're losing one or more of your adult teeth due to decay, periodontal disease, or even trauma. Dental implants are an excellent restorative option, but they're also known to be quite pricey, with one implant averaging about $4,250. So, how are you supposed to comfortably afford dental implants if you don't have insurance? Fortunately, you do have some options to explore.

Find a Dentist Who Does it All

First of all, understand that getting dental implants often involves seeing a couple of different specialists. For example, your dentist may do the tooth extraction, whereas a restorative dentist may need to do the implant itself. If this is the case, consider finding a dentist who can take care of both the extraction and the new implant. This can save you money in addition to reducing the total number of office visits you need to make.

Ask About Discount Options

If you'd prefer to stick with your current dentist, consider asking the office staff if there are any discount options available to those who don't have insurance. Sometimes, dentists will offer substantial discounts if you need to have more than one implant done. Furthermore, if you plan on paying cash or check for your procedure, many dental offices will offer discounts to patients. If that fails, your dental office might offer some kind of financing option so you can make monthly payments on your balance rather than paying it all in-full.

Consider a Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plans are similar to dental insurance in that they can save you money on dental work and typically require you to visit an "in-network" dentist for benefits. However, discount dental plans are only a fraction of the price of an insurance policy. And while they won't technically cover any of your dental work, they will make you eligible for discounts with in-network dentists on common procedures, such as fillings, cleanings, and even dental implants.

Get Them Done at a Dental School

Last but not last, you can always consider calling around to local dental schools and asking if they offer any kind of discount for getting dental implants done there. Many dental schools will do this, and even though the procedure will be completed by a dental student, the procedure will be under the careful supervision and assistance of an experienced dentist.

For more information, talk with a dentist, such as those at Dental Services Of Rochester, or other dental provider.