3 Things To Look For When Buying Natural Toothpaste

Many consumers are trying to reduce their exposure to processed foods and products. If you are hoping to lead a more natural lifestyle, you might be considering making the switch to a natural toothpaste.

In order to ensure that your break from chemical compounds doesn't compromise your oral health, here are three ingredients that you should be looking for before purchasing a natural toothpaste in the future.

1. Citric Acid

One of the primary roles your toothpaste plays is the removal of plaque from the surface of your teeth. If plaque is allowed to accumulate for too long, the resulting buildup is referred to as tartar. Getting rid of tartar naturally doesn't have to be difficult if you make the choice to invest in a natural toothpaste with citric acid.

According to a study conducted by the Department of Periodontics at Indiana State University, citric acid reduces both tartar buildup and the presence of bacteria that could lead to tooth decay. Be sure that your natural toothpaste contains citric acid to control tartar levels in your mouth in the future.

2. Baking Soda

Having a whiter smile is a goal that many consumers share. If you want your teeth to appear whiter in the future, it can be beneficial to invest in a natural toothpaste that contains baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate (the chemical name for baking soda) is a natural chemical compound that has abrasive qualities. This abrasiveness allows a toothpaste that contains baking soda to scrub away surface stains from the enamel of the teeth. Using a natural toothpaste that contains sodium bicarbonate will help you achieve a whiter smile without relying on toxic chemicals. It can also neutralize harmful effects of acidic components in the toothpaste.

3. Green Tea Extract

You want your toothpaste to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. Investing in a natural toothpaste that contains green tea extract can accomplish this task. According to researchers at Pace University, green tea extract has the ability to enhance the antimicrobial properties of your natural toothpaste.

This ingredient helps to eliminate the bacteria that contribute to strep throat, dental caries, and other oral infections. Making sure that your natural toothpaste contains green tea extract will ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible in the future.

Making the switch to a natural toothpaste can be beneficial. Be sure that the product you choose contains citric acid, baking soda, and green tea extract, and you will not compromise your oral health when using a natural toothpaste in the future. For more advice, talk to a company like Mill Creek Family Dental.