Getting Your Child The Dental Care They Need When They Won’t Cooperate

Kids can be stubborn. When you are trying to take your child to the dentist and they refuse to cooperate, this can leaving you feeling exasperated. If you are feeling stressed trying to get your child to open their mouth at the dentist's office, it's time to take a deep breath. While you may want to control the situation, so does your child. Going to the dentist for the first time can be a scary experience, and it's important that you stay calm while your child tries to adjust to the situation. Allow the staff working at the dental office to work with your child, and don't try to force your child into doing anything they are too afraid to do.

Stay Calm

When your child is refusing to cooperate, you may start to feel embarrassed or angry. If you find yourself getting upset, it's time to be mindful of your breathing. Your child will eventually allow the dentist and technician to check their teeth, and you getting angry will have nothing to do with it. Your child will know that you are getting upset, so it's important to keep your own emotions in check.

Don't Get Into a Power Struggle

Opening up your mouth so a stranger can look inside is pretty scary to little kids. While you can model good behavior by allowing your child to watch while you go to the dentist, simply telling your child it's no big deal probably won't work. The more you try to get your child to open their mouth, the more they will resist. Allow your child to decide when it's time to allow a dentist to check their teeth, even if this means coming for several dental appointments where nothing gets done.

Take a Step Back

Staff that work with children in the dental office know what they are doing. Plenty of children refuse to open their mouths at first, and the staff are experienced at getting children to feel comfortable in the dental chair. Take a step back and allow the staff to get to know your child. Don't interfere by making comments. Give your child and the technician time to work out the situation before you become involved. You will find that your help is probably not needed and your child will do just fine.

When your child won't cooperate at the dentist, you may need to bring your child to several appointments before a successful dental appointment occurs. A pediatric clinic like Alaska Dentistry For Kids can be the best option in this kind of scenario.