Do You Need Veneers? Three Things To Think About

You may have been considering dental veneers as a solution to certain cosmetic dentistry problems. Since this can be a big decision to make, here are three things to make sure of before you approach your cosmetic dentist for veneers.

Is There Another Fix for Your Teeth?

First of all, have you had a cosmetic dentistry consultation to see if there are any other options for your teeth? Many cosmetic problems have multiple solutions. For example, if you have tooth discoloration, have you first tried professional dental whitening? If you have a chip in your tooth, did you consider getting dental bonding? It's worth talking to your dentist about all of the options available. Dental veneers are often the most solid and beneficial option when you can afford them, but it's nice to know you have other opportunities as well.

Will Multiple Teeth Need Veneers?

Another thing to note is that once you have a veneer on one tooth, you might start looking at other teeth that may need veneers. When one tooth looks great, it's natural to start moving on to the flaws of other teeth. And since a veneer is perfectly white, it can look different in contrast to other teeth that are discolored and with minor flaws. So, consider if you got veneers; could you afford to replace all of your front teeth with veneers? Do you think that a single veneer would look natural along with your other teeth? Discuss options with your cosmetic dentist.

Do You Want a Permanent Solution?

A final thing to note is that veneers are sometimes an irreversible operation. The dentist might need to get rid of a portion of your natural tooth in order to put the veneer in place. This is mostly the case when your tooth is crooked and covers part of another tooth. In that case, removing dental veneers might not be an option once you've had the procedure done. But then again, there are few reasons that you would want to remove the veneer once you have it. The bigger possibility is that you love the new look of your smile and experience no complications.

So, in short, it's a good idea to think about the questions above to make sure that you know what dental veneers treatment entails and that you are ready to commit to it. Your cosmetic dentist office can help answer any other questions and worries that you have about the procedure.