3 Steps To Help You Prepare For Upcoming Oral Surgery

Have you been informed by your dentist that you're in need of one or more extractions or root canals? Are you wondering if there is anything that you need to do to prepare for this? Your dentist may already have given you basic instructions or information beforehand, such as that you'll need to avoid eating solid or sticky foods for a certain period while your mouth has a chance to heal, but you're probably wanting slightly more information. A few things that you should know or do beforehand include:

Take a few days off: If you've never had oral surgery before, you don't know how you'll react afterward. Some patients can go right back to work immediately with little more than a few over-the-counter painkillers while others will need more time to heal. If at all possible, make the appointment on the day before your weekend. This will give you 48-72 hours to heal before you have to think about going to work again. Should you experience any adverse effects, the last thing that you'll want to do while you're recovering is having to deal with coworkers or customers. Although it may not be necessary, be prepared to have to take an additional day off just in case.

Have extra pillows: Even if you experience little to no actual pain afterward, it's not uncommon that sleeping while laying down is going to be uncomfortable for a while. Laying down can result in additional pain or pressure, and you may experience significant drooling while asleep. In order to alleviate this, you should consider acquiring additional pillows and/or planning to sleep on your couch or recliner. This will give you the support necessary to sleep while sitting up. Sleeping while sitting up can take some getting used to, but it may be easier until your mouth heals.

Go grocery shopping: If you do wind up having to take prescription painkillers after your oral surgery, you should be avoiding driving, and you're probably not going to feel up to going shopping anyway. Before your appointment, make sure to stock up on a week's worth of broths, yogurt, and other liquid foods. You should avoid soups with noodles or other solid pieces in it. If you're having an extraction instead of a root canal, you should avoid oatmeal because the oats can get stuck in the extraction site. Cream of wheat or grits may be okay, at least after your mouth has had a few days to heal.

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