Important Dental Problems To Know About

A smile plays a big role in how some people feel when it comes to how confident they are in many areas of their life. Damaged teeth can make someone hide their smile, which can cause unhappiness, a lack of social life, and no desire to attend job interviews. You can avoid falling into such a situation by taking care of your teeth and ensuring that oral health problems are taken care of fast. Sometimes minor problems are more serious than you may think, such as if a lump develops on your gums. The content below explains common dental problems that you should know about and how a dentist might treat them.

The Growth of a Dental Abscess

A lump on the gums is often something that people overlook, as they assume that it will eventually go away. However, a lump should be considered as a dental emergency because it could possibly be filled with poisonous fluid. A dentist must examine the lump to find out if it is a dental abscess so he or she can get rid of it as soon as possible. You are likely going to need a root canal performed on the tooth that caused the abscess to form. The tooth may have a cavity that became infected from being exposed to bacteria. 

Abnormal Bleeding Gums

Bleeding is something that naturally happens sometimes while teeth are being brushed, such as from not using a soft toothbrush on the gums. Bleeding is also a sign that you have gum disease and need antibiotics to get rid of it, especially when it happens in an abnormal manner. For instance, blood that comes from the gums regularly in large amounts is considered abnormal. You must understand that a mild case of gum disease can bet worse if it isn't treated by a dentist. He or she is needed for you to receive the prescription for antibiotics, as well as to remove plaque from your teeth thoroughly. 

Teeth That Can Be Wiggled

It is usually obvious when a tooth is loose in a natural way, such as when a child loses his or her teeth for the adult ones to grow in. If you already have your adult teeth and have noticed that some of them can be wiggled a little, you might have weak jawbones. Contact a dental office like Cross Creek Family Dental promptly so that a dentist can examine your jawbones. If such a problem is left untreated, you can end up with several of your teeth falling out.