What To Expect When Getting A Wisdom Tooth Extracted

If you have a wisdom tooth in your mouth that is bothering you or causing oral problems, your dentist will suggest extracting it. Getting a wisdom tooth removed is a very common and normal procedure in dentistry, but most people still feel apprehensive about it. If you are scheduled to do this, here are several things that will occur during the process.

Your dentist will numb your mouth

Getting wisdom teeth removed can be painful, and this is why your dentist will numb your mouth before starting the procedure. Keep in mind, too, that your dentist will already have taken x-rays of your tooth and completed any other preliminary steps needed before you arrive to have your tooth removed. Once your mouth is numb, the dentist will continue on with the procedure.

Your dentist will cut the gums to access the tooth

The next step is accessing the tooth, and the dentist will probably need to cut into your gums to do this. This will depend on whether or not the tooth is visible or not, though. Many people have impacted wisdom teeth, which means the teeth are hidden under the gums. In this case, a dentist must cut into the gums to reach the tooth. If the tooth is not impacted, the dentist might be able to skip this step.

Your dentist will remove the tooth

Once the dentist can access the tooth, he or she will loosen it by using a dental tool. This tool will help disconnect the tooth from the roots and will make it easier for the dentist to pull it out in one piece. The dentist may remove the tooth with his or her fingers or with a dental tool. After the tooth is removed, the dentist may take x-rays simply to make sure that he or she removed all the tooth fragments that may have come loose during the procedure.

Your dentist will place pressure on the area

Finally, your dentist will apply pressure to the area, and this is typically done with gauze. The area will bleed after the tooth is removed, and you may need to keep gauze in your mouth for the next few hours, or until the bleeding stops.

It may take several days for your mouth to feel normal again after having a wisdom tooth removed, but getting it removed will help you avoid further problems from this tooth. To learn more about wisdom teeth extraction, contact a dental clinic, like Wallington Dental.