Top Causes Of Bad Breath

Do you constantly feel like your breath is really bad and that you cannot find a way to freshen it no matter what you do? If so, you are not the only person who feels this way. A lot of people have chronic bad breath, and there are a lot of things that can cause this. Here are some of the top causes of bad breath.

Poor daily oral hygiene habits

If you are not the type of person who brushes their teeth regularly and flosses every day, you may have bad breath due to poor daily oral hygiene habits. When you do not do these things every day, bacteria builds up in your mouth, and bacteria tends to stink. Additionally, you may have food rotting between your teeth, and this too will cause bad breath. It's also important to realize that plaque builds up on teeth when you do not brush regularly, and plaque is full of bacteria.

Untreated oral problems

Another cause of bad breath is untreated oral problems, including infections in your mouth, cavities, and gum disease. Any type of oral problem will leave your mouth not-so-fresh. Oral problems require treatment, and they can cause bad breath and a lot of pain. If you feel like you might have something wrong in your mouth, visit a family dentist to find out. Treating the problem could help you achieve fresher breath.

Dry mouth

A lot of people have bad breath due to dry mouth, and dry mouth is often a result of medications you take. If you feel like your mouth is dry all the time, this could be the cause of your bad breath. Your saliva is a necessary factor for cleaning your mouth. With dry mouth, though, there is not enough saliva there to keep your mouth clean.

Tobacco use

If you smoke or use any form of tobacco, this is likely the cause of your bad breath. Smoking and tobacco use dry out the mouth and smells bad too. If you want to have fresh breath, you probably should consider stopping the habit of tobacco use. This will likely make a huge difference in the way your breath smells each day.

If you want to find a way to stop your bad breath, you will need to find out what is causing it first. To learn more about the causes and treatment for bad breath, contact a dental clinic today.