Getting Veneers? Know How To Ensure The Veneers Last

While veneers do a great job at improving the appearance of your teeth, they do not last forever. If you were to look at studies that estimate how long veneers last, you'll discover that 93% of veneer users have them last around 10 years, while 82% have them last 20 years. That said, there are things you can do that will help your veneers see a long lifespan on your teeth before they need replacement.

Beware of Stains

You may not realize that dental veneers can stain just like real teeth, especially if they are made from composite material. If the veneers become discolored, it can cause you to look into having the veneers repaired or replaced prematurely. You need to take steps to prevent staining from happening, which means avoiding certain foods that can stain teeth. This includes red wine and coffee, which tend to wash over the veneers with their tooth-staining properties. Smoking is another habit that leads to teeth discoloration, which you should give up if you are really concerned about the color of your teeth.

Prevent Grinding

Another reason why veneers can become damaged prematurely is due to teeth grinding. If this is a habit that you tend to do throughout your day, you'll want to try and stop that behavior as soon as possible. However, nighttime teeth grinding is a different story. You'll need to wear a mouth guard overnight to make sure you do not do it while you sleep. The behavior may be completely unintentional, but a mouth guard is a great way to prevent veneer damage.

Visit the Dentist

Many problems with veneers can be discovered by going regularly to the dentist for cleanings. While the dentist is looking over your teeth, they'll be able to identify small problems before they get worse. For example, they may notice a small crack that can easily expand, or help attach a veneer that has become loose. Staining can also be removed by scouring the surface

Pick a Good Dentist

Don't feel like you can save money on veneers by going to a dentist that doesn't specialize in the procedure. For example, a dental student is more likely to install veneers that fail prematurely when compared to an actual dentist. When it comes to any procedure, especially those involving dentistry, practice is going to help improve a dentist's skill and help produce lasting results and avoid complications.

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