Why It’s Important To Fix Chipped Teeth

Do you have teeth that have small chips in them? If so, you may think that this is only cosmetic damage and it is nothing to be concerned about. However, that chip has created a spot where the is no protective layer of enamel, which will leave the tooth exposed to potential dangers. Here are some reasons why it is worth having your chipped teeth fixed.

Avoid Stains

You may not be aware that the dentin inside a tooth can become stained. When you have a portion of a tooth that's chipped, all foods and beverages that are dark in color, like coffee or certain berries, can cause that dentin to become discolored. Teeth with chips in them will become discolored faster than a tooth that has a solid layer of enamel that surrounds it. Once that dentin becomes stained, it will be much harder to fix the discoloration later on.

Avoid Cavities

Having acidic bacteria on your teeth is not good for them in terms of cavities. Acidic bacteria already eats away at the enamel, but without enamel to protect your teeth, it will reach the soft portion of your teeth much easier. There is a bigger risk of having cavities form in your teeth in the spots where they are chipped, which can then easily get deep into your teeth. You may likely need a root canal if the decay reaches the pulp of the tooth

Avoid Cracks

That part of the teeth without enamel is going to cause them to become weak. There may come a point where you chew on something very crunchy and it causes that chipped part of the teeth to crack even more. It is possible for the crack to run deeper into the tooth and cause a larger portion of it to break off. This can all be avoided by having the chip fixed to give it additional strength

How To Fix Chips

If you have chipped teeth, it is important to visit a dentist to have it repaired. They may decide to use dental bonding to fill in the chipped part of the teeth with a resin that matches the color. This will help it blend in seamlessly. For large chips, you may even need a dental crown to cover the tooth because there is too much of the tooth missing to be fixed with bonding material. Your dentist can let you know what technique will work best based on the kind of chips you have in your teeth.

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