Dental Implant Surgery: What To Expect During The Procedure

If you have chosen to install dental implants to replace broken or lost teeth, you will restore your smile and safeguard your dental health for a lifetime. This restorative dentistry practice is reliable and offers quality results when done by competent dental experts.

Before you seek dental implant services, it's crucial to learn more about the procedure. Generally, the process can be subdivided into two procedures, so keep reading to learn more.

First Procedure

Once an oral surgeon confirms that you can undergo dental implant surgery, they will follow this process.

Extraction – This entails removing the dead or broken tooth to create space for the implant. This process is quick and easy, so most patients don't notice that the tooth is gone until the procedure is complete. If there are signs of bone loss, the surgeon will conduct bond grafting at this stage to repair the damaged or dead bone. But, if there is no bone loss, they will move to the next step.

Implant Placement – In this step, the expert will install the titanium post. The role of the abutment is to link the bone to the implant. Then, they will insert the post into the bone. Implants cover screws on the titanium post to promote quick recovery. The gum tissue is stitched to encourage healing. The implant will start fusing with the bone and get attached to the gums.

Recovery – After the successful surgery, you will be required to go home and recover. You'll also get some prescriptions to manage the pain. Ensure you follow the aftercare tips your dental experts recommend, such as eating soft meals and avoiding smoking to hasten the recovery. You will need to visit the dentist occasionally so they can evaluate the surgery site to verify if you are healing correctly.

Second Procedure

Once you heal, you'll need to go in for a second surgery. Here are the steps the professionals will follow to complete the process.

Implant Uncovering – Before attaching the abutment, the dental expert uncovers the healing cap. This process is quick and painless and may involve using a tissue punch, scalpel, or diode laser.

Attach Abutment – The dental pro will attach the healing abutment to the implant. This is done by screwing it on the uncovered implant.

Crown Installation – The dental professional will place the crown or fake tooth on the abutment and secure it firmly. Crowns are customized in a lab, so they'll match the teeth's hue and shape to make them indistinguishable. The gum will heal in a few weeks, and you will now have your new artificial tooth.

For more information about dental implants, reach out to a local service.