4 Surprising Foods To Help Your Oral Health

You love your teeth and smile, but are you doing everything you can to take care of your oral health? You may be visiting your dentist as you should and sticking to your oral care regimen, but you may be missing some oral-enhancing foods. The following are 4 foods that you should consider adding to some of your meals, and you'll find out why. 1. Try Some Crunchy Apples The first thing you should know is that the crunch of an apple is abrasive enough to lift any residue stuck on the surface and in between your teeth. Read More 

Treatment Options For A Deep Cavity In Your Mandibular Right First Molar

The molars are the rearmost teeth in your mouth and provide an important grinding function while chewing. If you have erupted wisdom teeth, you have three molars on each side of your upper and lower jaw. If you don't have your wisdom teeth, you have two molars. The mandibular right first molars are the molars closest to the front of your mouth, which can take on most of the grinding force. Read More 

When Your Dentist Recommends A Bone Graft Prior To Implants

Getting dental implants is both exciting and a bit anxiety-generating for most patients. While you're excited to finally have natural-looking teeth in your mouth again, knowing that you will have to go through a couple of surgical procedures and healing periods to get there is not always pleasant. Thus, when your dentist tells you that you will need another procedure – bone grafts – before your dental implants, it is normal to have a lot of questions and feel a bit frustrated. Read More 

Healthy Teeth Starts At Your Refrigerator

Oftentimes, we don't consider what we eat as affecting our dental health, but food that you digest (even healthy ones) can impact your oral hygiene. So why not use that food to your benefit to improve your dental health?   Dairy Products Milk is at the top of the list with its role of protecting your teeth from damage. Some of the acids produced by bacterial plaque are reduced by milk. Read More 

Implant Or Bridge: Tips For Choosing The Best Dental Replacement

Loss of a tooth to trauma or extraction can create bite problems when chewing and self-esteem issues when smiling. A wide range of dental replacement options are available for one or several missing teeth. Choosing the best dental replacement is a highly personalized choice you should ultimately make with your cosmetic dentistry specialist, but there are a couple of options you can consider ahead of your appointment. Dental implants and bridges are both popular replacement options and each has its own pros and cons to consider. Read More