Tips For Using An Interdental Brush Around Your Dental Implant

When you get a dental implant, it's probable that your dentist will advise that you begin to use an interdental brush to keep the area around the implant clean. In fact, many dental clinics will provide their patients with a few of these brushes to use in the weeks and months until your next appointment. If you haven't previously used a brush of this nature, you should ask your dentist or dental hygienist for a demonstration of how to effectively use it. Read More 

Prosthodontist, Denturist, Cosmetic Dentist: Explaining How These Three Professionals Are Different (But Same!)

There are so many different dental specialists, and they each have different names in different countries around the globe. For example, a denturist is called a denturist in Canada and the U.S., but it is referred to as a clinical dental technologist in the U.K.. There is also the confusing conundrum of three dental professionals in the U.S. who all seem to be the same professional doing the same things, except that they are definitely different. Read More 

Preventive Dental Services

Your dentist performs restorative dental services to help repair your teeth. Although damage from decay or dental trauma is often repairable, it is best to avoid the damage altogether. Thus, your dentist offers preventive care to help maintain the health of your teeth. Here are a few preventive services that your dentist may provide. Dental Sealants A dental sealant is a plastic coating that forms a barrier between your teeth and harmful substances, such as plaque and oral acids. Read More 

Getting Veneers? Know How To Ensure The Veneers Last

While veneers do a great job at improving the appearance of your teeth, they do not last forever. If you were to look at studies that estimate how long veneers last, you'll discover that 93% of veneer users have them last around 10 years, while 82% have them last 20 years. That said, there are things you can do that will help your veneers see a long lifespan on your teeth before they need replacement. Read More 

Here’s How Dental Crowns Can Give You A Cosmetic Boost

Dental crowns are one of the first tools that a dentist reaches for when they want to repair a damaged tooth. However, that's not all that they're capable of doing. If you have damaged teeth that have altered the look of your smile and you're tired of seeing their jagged or broken appearance, here's how crowns can help to give you the perfect smile you're looking for. Main Purpose Of course, you probably know that dental crowns are great for repairs. Read More